The green energy Iberdrola comes exclusively from certified power supplies 100% renewable, according to the European directive 2009/28/EC, which are characterized by their maximum respect for the environment by preventing emissions of CO2 and other polluting gases.
The green energy Iberdrola is doubly certified:
In its origin, by IRECS (“International Renewable Energy Certificate System”) certificates issued and managed by a body (“Issuing Body”), which ensures that the energy generated is derived exclusively from renewable sources.
Renewable source of all of the contracted power, certified by “Bureau Veritas Quality International”. This certification means that there is an internal methodology of managing these certificates IRECs and the allocation of the power to customers who have bought it, in such a way that you can not be marketed as green energy that does not come from renewable sources and is certified in origin.
It is free of subsidies or tax exemptions, but if at any time the Administration should set some, Iberdrola would move entirely these advantages to customers of green energy.
To apply for the green energy Iberdrola you are betting on an energy cleaner, greener, and more suitable for the protection of nature.
In addition, by engaging the green energy, you apply a discount of 6% (applicable on fares 2.0a and 2.0DHA) on the use of light for 12 months.



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